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Healing TearsHealing Tears

In the summer of 1998, just days after her divorce was final, author Theresa James’ ex-husband, John, broke into her home and murdered their three children before killing himself. James didn’t share her tragic story for almost twenty years. Now, as a means to inspire and encourage others, she offers insight into that life-altering event.

Healing Tears narrates her story, beginning with meeting John in 1990, the joys and challenges of their life together, their separation and eventual divorce, and the early morning in July when evil and tragedy descended on her home. Based on journal writings penned at the time, James tells how she survived the nightmare that had suddenly become her life, how she handled her challenging journey of grief and healing, and how she tried to orchestrate a new beginning.

Emotional and heart-wrenching, this memoir recounts James’ fear, hatred, anger, sorrow, joy, and happiness as she gives a voice to her tragic story.



I Love and Like You!

When my son was young, I wanted him to understand the difference between liking someone and loving someone. This book is dedicated to Jarod and the life lesson I was teaching him. When he misbehaved and I would discipline him, he would occasionally tell me that he didn’t like me. I told him that was okay since I didn’t like his behavior at the time. But every night before bed, it was important for him to tell me “I love and like you, Mom!” He understood the difference.



Ornaments of Love

Traditions can add such value to a family dynamic. I began buying each child a special ornament every year to hang on the Christmas tree from the time they were born. Many of those ornaments were from family trips or special occasions.

When the children were young, they created handmade ornaments at school for me, which I cherish to this day.

Each year we would take time to share stories about our special ornaments as we decorate the Christmas tree. The bonding and the love expressed during this time is immeasurable.



Precious Time

We hold certain things precious and dear.  In order to protect those items, we say to our young children, “No! Don’t touch.”  My mother taught me to respect other people’s property and I wanted to teach my children the same lesson.  A greater gift happened for me while teaching this lesson.  I learned that while I was sharing my treasures with my children, I was enjoying the precious time spent with each child, the undivided attention and love. Sharing precious treasures turned into precious time creating precious memories.  Those memories are the real treasure!